Hey, Dollie!

If you'd like to contact me about anything, you can email me at

I also love snail mail, and would love to correspond with you via letters!  I don't want to display my mailing address here for all the world to see, but if you're interested in pen-palling with me, throw an email at my face, and I, in turn, will expertly swerve out of the way using my great swerving reflexes, and do this cool back-flip thing in the air, and then neatly catch it in my hand.  Give me your address, and I will hand over mine!  That is, assuming I don't think you're some evil villain who's gonna come creeping up to my house during the night and suck out my brains...  You wouldn't do that, would you?  I didn't think so!  Then we shall become best buds and have the bestest of times, all inside pretty pieces of paper!

In addition to mail of both kinds, you can also find me on social media.  I'd love to be friends!



  1. Haha! Your description of catching a letter made me chuckle!
    You seem to have a lovely personality!
    I haven't explored much of your blog yet (but I'm about to do that now).


    1. Haha, oh good! I love to make people laugh! Enjoy your look around!

  2. ​I nominated you!​

    1. Wow, haha, I haven't been nominated for anything in quite a while! Thank you! Honestly, I don't really like to do nominations anymore so I don't think I will do it, but I appreciate it!


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