Monday, April 4, 2016

Read My Guest Post!

Hey!  You know what I am super excited about today?  (Other than the fact that I'm publishing a post for the first time in over a month...)  See that card up there? ^  Well, I wrote a guest post for my friend Jennie over at Little Girl Designs, where I made that card!  And it's getting published TODAY!  Since I care about all of y'all so much, I really don't want y'all to miss out.

Here's an excerpt from my gust post, just to wet your appetite.

"I didn't purposely plan to do a card involving watercolors just because I know Jennie loves them as much as I do, but you know, I think it's fitting!  The first time I "ran into" Jennie, I knew I loved her style, and it has become more and more evident as we get to know each other that we have so much in common!  From our love of letter writing, to our love of watercolors - two things I'm combining today.  I don't know about y'all, but that gets me really excited!  (Not to mention the fact that Jennie is having me guest post on her blog.  How cool is that?)"

Curious to see more?  (I hope you are!)  Click here to read the full post!

P.S.  For the month of April (which is letter-writing month - how fun!), Jennie is doing a snail mail challenge.  I'm taking part in it, because letter writing for me is irresistible, especially when I get to use cute stationary that Jennie made!  (Doesn't mean I don't get behind on my letter writing.  Like, for instance, now.)  I think YOU should take part in the challenge also, and together, we'll send lots and lots of love out into the world!  (I know, it sounds cheesy.  But seriously, who doesn't love snail mail?)  In case you would like to take part, here's the link to sign up!  It's for the month of April, but you can join in any time.


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    1. As soon as I read that in my email, I made a funny snicker sound. Honks, Darlin'!

  2. Love that you put an piece of your guest post on your blog. Thats not common!

    1. Yeah, Jennie (whose blog I guest posted on) gave me the idea! Not sure if she meant t that way, but that's how I took it. :P Thanks for reading and commenting, Vanessa!

  3. Cute! I'm going to go and finish reading your guest post now. :)

    Also, that letter-writing challenge sounds really good! I hope you do a post at the end of the month about all the creative stationery you made for it! :)

    1. Ooh, please do! I'm still psyched about it!

      It is SO fun Jessica! You should take part! It's so fun and such a good habit to consistently write letters every day, even if they're short, that I think I'd like to keep doing it even after the month is over! Although that could get quite expensive... If not for the money it would cost, I think I would definitely do it!

      That's a great idea to do a post at the end about the stationary I've made - except that I haven't made any stationary for it! Not really, anyway. I printed out Jennie's stationary onto regular paper, and then glued it onto cardstock so it'd be thicker, and other than that, I've been using stationary I already had! I decided to be easy on my self for the challenge so I don't get all stressed about having to make cards every single day. Yes, I love making cards, and yes, it gets stressful sometimes. :P Thank you for commenting, Jessica!

    2. I really would join the challenge, except that I'm already doing a couple of other challenges for this month... I wish I'd known about it earlier! Perhaps I'll just have to do it another month. It would be a good habit to have.

      I know what you mean about it being stressful to make cards sometimes - it's the same for me! I do make a bit of my stationery though. One of my favourite things to make, and use, is tea-dyed paper. I tear off the edges, and crush it a bit to give it some character, and that with the tea colour is an effect I like. Have you ever tea-dyed paper?

      Anyway, sorry for such a long reply! I guess I got a little carried away. :)

    3. That's completely understandable, Jessica! Challenges are so fun. I hope you have fun with the ones you're already doing! Yes, you could do it another month! It is such a great to write letters. Some of my best friends (or all?) have become really close to me because of letter writing.

      Ooh, yes, making stationary is fun! I've never actually tea-dyed paper before, even though I've heard a bunch about it. It seems like it would be cool! That's neat that you tear off the edges and crush it! I really should try it sometime.

      I don't mind long replies at all, just like I don't mind long letters! Thanks for replying back!


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