Saturday, October 25, 2014


     The last project gave me the idea to make flowers out of the tissue paper strips, instead of those squares.  In fact, many of my creations are born from previous projects.  Paper flowers are one of my favorite things to use on cards.
I don't particularly like this picture because it wrongly portrays the way I make the crumples.  (Don't know what else to call them!)  In reality, I hold them from the top, so they're hanging vertically.
A finished "crumple."
Obviously, the next step would be to spread it out like a flower, then put just a teeny amount of glue on the edge, and stick it to the other edge.  It looks like I have too much glue here (at least to me), but I think that's just because I'm almost out of it, and it's all weird and thick.

Press it down with your finger,
...And stick a glue dot on!  The flower in this picture is not the exact same one I use on the final product, but this was the best picture.  Do not be surprised if it doesn't work as well for you to get the glue dot on the flower. This was the third I  tried it on!  FYI, This the back side of the flower.

Now for the fun part!  Okay, just kidding, the flowers are really fun to make also.  I love hand writing stuff on cards.  I based this off a cool chalkboard font that I saw on something we got in the mail, but I had to do it from memory, 'cause I couldn't find the thing when I needed it!  So it doesn't look as good as it probably would have if I had the thing to look at as I was writing.
Then I added this border all around.
I have horrible unintelligible cursive writing, so my sister had to do it for me.  I drew lines with pencil so she knew where to do it.  If you don't have access to a good cursive writer, some craft stores actually do sell unintelligible cursive writing stamps, one of my not-so-secret wants.  This worked better for me this time though.  Corinthians 13 is what is written here.
I came up with this technique a while ago.  You rub sharpie on your finger, then rub that on the paper, before it dries.  Duh!  You have to be okay with getting your hands dirty of course.  This is basically a substitute for distress ink, which I don't have, and have never used.  They probably don't actually look that much alike.
Now stick the flower on where you want it,
...Put another glue dot in the center,
...And stick on your button!  I love this button.  I has a rose or something in the middle.  You're probably not able to tell.  I couldn't seem to get any really clear pictures.  I got it at a really cool scrap place, so I'll most likely never see another like it.  *Sob*
So, these are actually left overs from the last tutorial, because I was going to use blue rhinestones for that card, but decided on green instead.  So I already had these ready for this project!  Except I added a little yellow to make it match the color of the tissue paper better.  Attach them to the bottom right corner.
This is one of my favorite I've made lately, thanks to you, +Rebecca Groover!  Thank you so much!

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