Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Seven+ Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season. Ever.

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, and guess what!  I!  Love!  Fall!  Don't you?  PPPFFF, what am I even saying?  Of course you do!  But, maybe you have forgotten all the many reasons you love it, or, perhaps, you just want to know why I love it!  And so I shall tell you all the reasons!  And then you'll obviously have to agree that Fall is the best season.  Ever.

1.  It is beautiful to behold!
  • Colors - All the colors of Fall are just so...scrumptious!  Seriously, this is one of the biggest reasons I love this season so much.
    • Goes with deep purple (best color ever!) - Yes, deep purple is my favoritest color!  And Fall looks SO good with it!  I think so, at least.  I'm aware that not everyone agrees with me on that.
    • Goes with my hair - And well, who wouldn't love that?  I mean, a whole season to match your hair?  Yes, please!
  • Leaves - See this picture here, the one right below?  Yeah, that one.  Isn't it amazing?  I took that last Fall in Tennessee.  This is what I love.
2.  It smells beautiful to the nostrils!
  • Air - Have you ever stopped to smell the roses?  Just wondering.  Have you ever stopped to smell Fall?  It's 10x better!  Literally, just go outside in the middle of Fall, and sniff.  I'm thankful to God for the gift of Fall for our nostrils.
  • Food - To tell you the truth, when I think of traditional Fall foods, pumpkin pie is the first thing that pops into my head, and I really don't like pumpkin pie.  But other foods, like...
    • Warm drinks - Okay, not even a food, I know.  Not like I actually drink warm drinks all the time anyway.  But the idea is nice, y'know?  (I talk more about this down ther' under numbah four.)
  • Fire - Doesn't fire smell so good?  Perhaps not if your house is going up in flames, but y'know.  Usually it's a glorious smell.
3.  It feels beautiful on the skins!
  • Cool weather - I'm a warm-natured person, so I really enjoy this.  Other people, however (eg. my mothah), don't like this so much.  And along with the cool weather, comes...
    • Rosy cheeks - Small point, but so enjoyable.  And we don't get to enjoy the enjoyableness if we don't go outside in the wonderful cold and play in the leaves and run around and stuff, which is wonderful in itself.
    • Start of fire building season - Okay, so, we actually haven't done many fires the last couple of years, but I have good memories of having warm fires in the family room, and standing right in front of the left vent because it's warmer than the right, hogging the heat, being freezing after moving away...funny how I somehow don't have many memories of really making one myself...
  • Breeze - Bring on the breeze, please.
  • Clothes - Yeah, I like to wear clothes in the Fall.  HAHAHA I'M SO FUNNY.  What I meant was, I prefer Fallery clothes to Summery clothes.  And sadly, I can't wear Fallery clothes in the Summer.  Why do I love Fallery clothes?  (See below.)
    • Cozy - Cozy clothes are the best!  Just because I'm warm natured doesn't mean I don't like to be warm.  Quite the opposite!  I like the climate to be cold so that I can wear warm clothes.  Make sense?
      • Start of bathrobe wearing season - I own three bathrobes, and each one is special to me.  They're fuzzy and soft and smell oh, so good.  (But somehow I'm the only one who thinks that?)
    • Fashionable - Also Fall clothes are so fashionable, I think.  I much prefer them to Summery apparel.
      • Boots - My gray boots are probably my favorite pair of shoes.  They're almost up to my knees, and they have heels, and they have straps around the ankle and up towardser the top, and the toes are rounded, not pointy, and as I said, they're gray, which is such a good color for boots, and they match almost everything, and they are JUST SO STYLISH.
      • My favorite shirt - is a soft, long sleeve, darkish but not navy blue, uber comfortable piece of clothing, and it's not even absolutely necessary to wear a cami, which I think is superb!  It's so fashionable that I can wear it to church, but I love it so much that I also wear it to my ever'day life.  If I was a cold-natured person, I could probably wear it in the warmer months too, but I ain't cold-natured.
  • Leaf Pile - So...actually this does not feel good on the skins...It's quite the scratchy situation.  But this was the best category to put it in.  Let's say the memories of leaf piles feel good nestled up in your brain.  :)
Yes, that's me, in the midst of jumping.  And that is my little bro in the tree.
4.  It tastes beautiful on the tongue!
  • Warm drinks - I don't actually consume warm drinks often, but when I do...
    • Hot chocolate - Yummy.  It's chocolate.  It's good.
    • Tea - This is one of those things I occasionally drink, but don't enjoy it enough to drink all the time.
    • Cider - We don't get this often, but it's fun when we do.
  • Apple Pie - Not like you can't make this any time of year, but it's usually around Fall when we do.  Also chocolate pie, which is even better than apple, but that's not traditionally Fall-y.  (Wanna split a pi'?)
5.  It sounds beautiful to the ears!
  • Wind in the trees - Go listen to it, and take in the wonder.
  • Laughing - So this isn't something that only happens in the Fall.  For me, it happens every!  Single!  Day!  But with the coming of the holidays, come siblings from faraway lands, and with them come old stories and good vibes and...laughter.
  • Fire - Crackling embers, hollow wind out the window, tea kettles screaming on the all goes together so nicely.  Alright enough of the cheesiness.  (Heehee, does it worry you that this is the third time I've mentioned fire?)
6.  Holidays!
  • Reformation Day - Which is on the same day as Halloween, isn't that funny?  But we don't celebrate Halloween!  Instead we celebrate the day that Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the church, and began the Reformation.
  • Early Christmas - For several years now, our neighbor and we have celebrated this holiday we made up, called Early Christmas.  We play in the leaf pile, traditionally (although I don't much anymore) roll down the ramp with roller blades, eat popcorn, and listen to Christmas music.  Oh yeah, and this is at the beginning of November.  Hence, Early Christmas.
    • Anticipation of Christmas - Can we please all agree on the simple fact that anticipation of Christmas is almost as wonderful as Christmas Day itself?  And one of the reasons for that is...
      • Gift preparing - Anyone else out there who enjoys preparing Christmas gifts?  So fun.
  • Thanksgiving - OOH FOOD.  Me like.  Plus family, good memories.  All that.
7.  *lies through teeth*  It is less stressful!  No, but seriously!
  • Minimal traveling - Not sure how accurate this is...we always travel for Thanksgiving (except for last year), and we have gone to a Fall conference in TN last year and 2013, and I'm sure there are other things...but, in comparison to, like Summer...
  • Extra hour of sleep - Haha, no, not every night.  But during the time change, we get an extra hour of sleep instead of losing one.
  • After camp ends, but before preparing for next year - Please don't misunderstand me here, especially fellow camp people.  I love camp, but it is also kind of (very) stressful for me.  It's relieving to have that time in between where I don't need to be preparing for it.
One of my first pics after discovering the wonders of manual focus.

This post had been in the making for over a year before being presentable to y'all today.  Of course that doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I didn't work on it for months.  It was only because there are sooo many reasons, and I wanted to list them in a clear and defined way, and connect the ones that are connected, and not let it all be a jumbled mess.  It may still be a jumbled mess anyway.  Heehee.

If your favorite season was already Fall, then good job, even though it's not surprising!  If not, did I convince you?

What is your favoritest season ever?  What could you add to the list?


  1. seriously fall is the best! Im so excited for the weather to finally get the memo and be all cool air and colorful leaves <3
    Ive already got all my oversized sweaters and hot coffee ready!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I knooow, I'm so excited! It's starting to get cold here! Thanks for commenting, Faith!

  2. THIS POST MAKES ME HAPPY. I am so excited that tomorrow is the first day of fall!!! This post makes me way to excited.

    1. ME TOO, HONEYBUN. Ahhhhhh! Thanks for the comment, Vanessa!

  3. FALL. MY FAVORITE SEASON IS FALL. WHY?? It's comfortable weather but getting cooler and you don't have the bugs that you have in Spring. :D

    1. YES YES YES. As Becca said below, there actually are bugs, but not the annoying ones, which is fantastic! Thanks for commenting Mary Evelyn! We should run up to each other on Sunday and jump up and down a few times!


    Except the bug part. XDD There ARE bugs in the fall and they're wonderful. Like crickets, happily proclaiming their love to world. OOOOoo and katydids. *hugs them all*

    Fall is seriously the best season. I mean, it's like all the good things of the other seasons wrapped into one.

    This post was the bomb. *high five* XD

    1. I suppose you're right about there being bugs! But they're the good bugs! And I agree, they're wonderful!

      Yes, so true! Couldn't agree more! Ack, thanks for the comment Becca! *high fives back*

  5. This post made me happy just reading it! :) Fall IS the best season ever- I can't wait for it to actually start getting cooler! *sigh*

    1. Yay! Do you live in the south? It's getting cooler here! :D

  6. I like your list! It's very extensive, and I see why it might've taken you a while! Clearly, autumn appeals to every single sense! I especially liked your point about autumn colours - they're my favourite to wear too. :)

    And I agree with you: autumn is my favourite season too. :) We're coming into spring here though (which I do actually like as well), so I hope you have a fabulous autumn, and I'll just have to keep looking forward to it. :)

    1. Haha, yesss. It took me a while to figure out how to organize it all! Eep, I love the colors!

      How can it not be? :) Oh yes, that's right! I hope you enjoy your Spring, and I will certainly enjoy our Autumn!

  7. Hey! It's pretty cool to actually find someone else that doesn't celebrate Halloween :-) I've never thought of Reformation Day instead, though. THat's pretty cool! And you live in the South, right?

    1. Hey Elle! Ooh, that IS cool! It's rare to find someone else who doesn't! Yep, Reformation Day is do bomb. And yes, I do live in the south! I love it down here! Do you? Thanks so much for the comment!


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