Saturday, April 15, 2017

Just Don't Freak Out {And Also An Apology}

The "Just Don't Freak Out" Part

*GAAAAAASSSP!*  It's the dreaded post wherein the bloggy person has to tell the blog-readery persons that she has to give up the blog.  But wait!  That's not exactly true!  So yeah, I have to give it up.  BUT!  This is a temporary thing.  I'm not sure how temporary, but it is temporary.  So I'm not really giving up the blog, I'm just taking a break from the blog.

*Here's the deal, folks.  Hahaha, I don't know if you've noticed or anything, but I haven't been what you would here, in recent times.  I could go on and on and on about how

I haven't had the time,

     and I've been super duper busy,

        and I have things in my life now that take up a lot of time that didn't use to be there...

In fact, let's make a list!  Onward, young soldier!
  • I got a boyfriend in January, who happens to take up a lot of time, for so many reasons
    •  We talk on the phone for hours at a time
    • We text for hours at a time
    • He visits me for a few days every few weeks
    • I visit him too...sometimes
  • I'm behind in chemistry (which doesn't necessarily mean I've been working at it non-stop, but it does cause me to get behind in history and even literature sometimes, both of which I do work on plenty)
  • I now have a chemistry tutor (majorly helpful, but it does take a few hours from my week)
  • I take my sister to her soccer practice sometimes
  • Most weeks, I have to go somewhere literally every day of the week
  • I like to eat and I like to sleep, sometimes
  • Any extra time I have, I want to devote to letter writing or crafting, not blogging (yeah, the blog revolves around crafting, but creating a blog post takes a lot of time)
So what I'm saying is, I've got to take a break from this blog, only for a little while I hope.
I wrote this in my journal at the beginning of March.  I need this reminder frequently.
I don't want to call this quitting*, because quitting is #evil, so instead I'm calling it "Saying no to a good thing." Which I'm a huge fan of.  I love saying no!  I LOVE SAYING NO!  Because, seriously, we all need a little "NO!" in our lives, amright?!  And sometimes, saying no to a very good thing is...a very good thing!  Because why have good when you can have better?  That's all I'm wonderin'.  And right now, my "better" is letting go of my craft blog so that I can better focus on school and on crafting itself! {And you're all like, school is almost out, Maggie...  Well, keep reading.}  {Also, I wrote this weeks ago, when it was more relevant.}

*Though secretly I have no problem calling it quitting.

The "And Also An Apology" Part

This part is for apologizing to all those kind people who read my blog, who've maybe been expecting a post the last two months?  ...Maybe?  I dunno.

Because the thing is, I've already been taking a break, just...unintentionally.  And when you take bloggy breaks, they are not supposed to be unintentional.  It's okay to take breaks, but you're supposed to let your readers know in advance (not halfway through), and all that fancy shtuff.  That's what I hear, anywho.

This unintentional break I've been taking is already like halfway through, I think, because, a very exciting piece of news you might like to hear is that...I'm graduating high school in {less than} a couple months!  After that, the expectation is that I will have more time to do bloggy sort of endeavors.


{Thank you for your patience.  You are so kind.}

P.S. Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Maggie! I understand, same thing happened with me and school, so it totally makes sense (idk why I am repeating what I said while we were on hangouts, but whatever XD) Tell Jeremiah I say hi!

    1. Hi Amelia! Yeah, it's a bummer, but I can't do everything, much as I would like that! Haha, he asked who you were when I told him, but then he remembered after I told him. :)

  2. We will miss your posts but take care of the things that you need to focus on! Prioritizing is key.

    1. Weell, I'm happy to know I'll be missed! :P I totally agree: prioritizing IS key! I hope this won't last long though, and that I can get back to posting more regularly soon. Thanks for the comment, Vanessa!

  3. I do always enjoy your posts, but I understand. Besides, it sounds like exciting things are happening in your life! All the best with finishing school, and keep enjoying the little things! xx

    1. Oh I'm so glad you understand! I don't like to disappoint people, but, it must be done! I should have done it earlier! Oh yes, very exciting indeed! Thanks so much for the comment, Jessica! ^.^

  4. You comment so frequently on my blog! I'm always touched. Thank you! Responding to your latest comment, having a baby is the cutest thing, but if you have always loved babies, it *also* feels a butt ton like babysitting feels. Extraordinary. Anyway. You speak of having to pause your blog---we'll see if I can keep up *mine* with a baby. I suspect it will fade to make way for better things to say yes to...
    xoxox. Sarah

    1. Huh, well I am growing in my enjoyment of babysitting, so yay! Oh I hope you can SOMEWHAT keep up with your blog, as it is literally my favorite blog to read, BUT, if you cannot, I totally understand. 😄

  5. Hi Maggie it's zoe I really like your blog. On a much higher note you have a boyfriend!!!!!!! Why didn't you tell me:( anyway write soon please I sent you a letter. That's all.:D.

  6. Sorry I was so rude, I really do love your blog, sorry you have to take a break from the blog:*(. It's really good, I hope you can post again I really love your posts.

    1. What? No, that wasn't rude, don't worry. :) About the letter, I do intend to write back to you soon! I have a stack of letters to catch up on. Thanks for the comment, Zoe!


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