Saturday, January 6, 2018

That Update That I Briefly Mentioned At the End, Last Time Around

Of course you must realize that when I say something like, "Watch for another post soon..." I don't really mean soon-soon, I just mean, well, whenever I decide to actually spit it out.  (This time, I decided to do it because that same friend asked me to do it.  So I am doing it.)

Let me update you on my life, and you can just sit back and read and take it all in.
  • I have graduated High school.
  • I technically never finished chemistry; don't tell my parents.  Heheh. :/
  • I no longer have a boyfriend.
  • I went to the Biblical Worldview Student Conference again this year.  Had its highs and lows, but it was really good overall.  (You should come.)
  • I staffed at Camp Wildflowers for TWO weeks this year (I was only planning to stay one week), and I'm glad I did, even though I was sick the whole second week and ended up getting bronchitis. 😀
  • I now have a real job - at a florist!  (That's in addition to two other, less "real" jobs, one of which I had before I took the looong break from blogging.)
  • I've decided I don't want to pursue blogging as a career, but I would still like to keep it as a hobby, I think.
 So there ya have it.  I was going to add more, but, never mind on that.  I don't know when I'll post next, because I don't like editing pictures.  If someone would like to work for me for free, and make the pictures look exactly like I want, feel free.



  1. What do you use to edit pics? I thought that picmonkey costs money now :/
    thanks for the update, btw!

    1. Oh yeah, that's one reason editing pictures is such a bother now (more than it already was), because now I have to learn how to use another editing site. The one I used for this and the last post is BeFunky.
      You're welcome! Thanks for the comment, Amelia!

    2. Ok, I will have to check it out for editing pics now haha

  2. You make me smile, Maggie. :) It's nice to get a little insight into your life. And, adding to the conversation above, I use Canva to edit, and it's free! It took a little bit of getting used to, but now I like it best. :)

    1. Aaw, thanks, Jessica. That makes ME smile!
      I may need to try that out! Thanks for the recommendation!


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