Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sorry I'm Late

The special thing abut this card is that I use twist ties.  I've been doing this for a while, but this is the first time I've done it without peeling the paper and plastic stuff off.
All the sharpies needed for this card.  I have two of the same color for some, because I used the thick ones for the fabric flower, and the thin for the background of the card.
Draw diagonal stripes with the orange, light orange, light pink, and yellow.
A homemade scallop edge.
This piece is 5 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches.  I think.  As close to the edges as possible, draw the scallops.
You can use scissors to cut the scallop edge, but it's much easier, and looks better if you use a knife.
Usually when I outline things with sharpie, I use the thick ones, but I decided not to this time, because it messes up the corners.
With a ruler, draw lines as shown.
...Then draw the curves.
Again, with a ruler, draw a line beside the scallop thingies.
Three squares of white fabric, roughly 3 by 3 inches.
My thick orange sharpie is pretty old, and consequently not very good, so it's not the best for coloring fabric, but I like the way it looks in contrast with the other two, which are done with light pink and light orange.  Also, I went over the orange one with the thin orange sharpie after I finished with the thick.
After coloring them all, fold them in fourths, so the colored side is on the inside, then draw the petals as shown.

You can see the "plaid" more easily in this peektor.
A nice wad of pink thread I found in my jeans pocket.  I just can't resist keeping things like this, especially in this color!  It looks more orange in the picture, but it really is pink.  Orangey-pink.
The string was four strands, which I separated into two.
Start by putting the needle in the top, up through the bottom.
Make sure that one side of the string is a bit longer than the other, so you can put it back through, and then they'll be even.
...Then tie a nice perty bow!
As you can see, the bottom flower layer is pretty uneven, and that's why I put it on the bottom.
Backstitch two scallops from the bottom, on the left.  It need not go all the way across, because the flower will cover much of it.

Assorted colors of twist ties.  I didn't use the orange one.
To make the words, just twist them (haha, twist the twist ties) to and fro into cursive letters.  If you don't have finger nails, this could be very difficult.  Sorry.  Then put glue on the back side.  I was originally going to use staples to fasten the words to the card, but I decided that would look tacky, especially on a girly card like this.  After I stuck all the words on, I put even more glue on the edges with a toothpick for more security.

I put in the apostrophe and crossed the "T" with darkish green and darkish blue sharpies.  Aren't they great?
A belated birthday card.
...And the inside.  I regret using that font at the top a little bit, but it looks alright.  All three fonts I got from Cardmaker's Hand-Lettering Workbook.

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