Friday, August 14, 2015

Colored Bubbles

I love finding new ways to decorate paper, so when I got the idea to put food coloring in bubbles and then blow them on paper, I couldn't wait to try it out on some envelopes!  Truth be told, this idea was not originally mine (not hard to believe.  It's quite simple.).  We used to have a bubble kit where you do exactly what I'm doing here.  I simply rediscovered the idea in my brain.
We recently went to our cousin's wedding, and they used bubbles as their sending-off device.  Each little bottle had a pretty piece of ribbon or twine wrapped around it.  I couldn't resist.  So after all the festivities ended, I went around picking up all the bubble containers lying around.  Now I have a bunch of ribbon, and a bunch of bottles of bubbles, which I am not just going to throw away!
Don't the food color containers look like elves with their pointed hats?
I wasn't going to use all the colors, but, you know, when I get going...
So I made six colors!  Red (more like pink), green, yellow, teal, purple, and blue.  I put about three drops of coloring in each bubble bottle, and for the ones I mixed (purple and teal), two drops of each color.  At first I would put the top all the way back on to mix the concoction up, but you can actually just swirl it around.  Those tops are hard to get off!
In case you didn't understand, above is the yellow.  I didn't make any orange.
First, I was thinking I would blow the bubbles, and sort of - catch them on the paper, but that approach didn't really work, so instead I started slowly blowing, and then popping them right on the paper, so they went SPLAT.  It worked a lot better.
 I like to combine the colors for a fireworks effect.
I caught this picture right as it was popping.
 And this right after it popped.

Below are just a bunch of random pictures I took during this project.  I didn't think they fit in the post very well, but I really like the pictures.

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