Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Re-do of an Old Card

A {long-ish} while ago, I sent a card to a couple friends (sisters), and soon after, one of them asked me to do a blog post on it.  It took me too long, but finally, I got around to it!  I don't usually like to remake cards, so of course I had to change it a bit, a.k.a., improve it.  Below is a picture of the first version of this card.
First of all, I didn't have another huge pink flower I could use, so I had to figure out some other flower to put in the middle.  I happened to have these yellow fabric flowers in my closet that had been there for years.  At first I didn't know if they would work since they're so much smaller than the pink flower in the original card, but I got to figuring in my head, and decided to go with the yellow ones.  I mean, it's not like I'm gonna go out and buy something.  That would be silly.
There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to use the same embossing folder as before.
I knew for sure that I did not want to have that band of paper around the middle.  But of course it still had to have some sort of band in the middle, so instead I used light pink sheer ribbon with black/white baker's twine wrapped around.
I wouldn't normally recommend using tape, but it was really the best option for this since glue wouldn't do the job very well.  So, after wrapping the ribbon around center, I taped both ends down.  I had to re-adjust the ribbon a bit to get it perfect.
After that was securely taped down, I carefully wrapped about 15 inches probably (I'm just guessing as I write this.  I didn't measure when I made the card.) of baker's twine twice around, and then tied a bow on the side.
I love the look of baker's twine over ribbon, don't you?
Here's one of the flowers that had been in my closet for so long.  I was actually quite happy to use it, despite my doubt at first.  I love to declutter!
I didn't want too much yellow, but still a little, so I separated the petals and only colored one.  At first I planned to color the whole thing with my light orange sharpie, so one of the petals is all orange, but after doing that first petal, I decided to do the ends light pink.  That way it goes with the pink ribbon.
I colored the ends with pink, then filled in the rest with orange.
This isn't a great picture, so it's hard to see how it actually looks.  It's not quite so bright in real life.
After all that was done, I had to put the flower center back in, of course.  To keep it all together, I blobbed super glue on the back.  The reason I didn't use regular liquid glue is because it had to be strong enough and fast drying.
Before the glue dried I stuck the flower there in the middle, and the only thing left was to adhere the  whole piece to the card!
In the original card, I dashed around the edge (yeah!  Sharpies can run duper fast too!  ...Okay...I know...lame joke...), but I didn't particularly like that look, and for this, I think it looks better with a blank edge.


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