Saturday, August 29, 2015

In Which I Decorate Five-or-so-Year-Old Bookmarks

 Ooh, that title is so intriguing, isn't it?  Haha, no.  Deal with it!  Haha!

Years ago, as a birthday gift from one of my little sisters, I got a "bookmark kit."  It contained three blank bookmarks, three crosses, and three of some other shape, which I am still confused about what they are.  They look a bit like hats, but the one that looks most like a hat is pretty lopsided, and the other are even more lopsided.  They might be hearts that I'm suppose to finish cutting out?  Hmm, I don't know.  And I'll have to keep wondering, because my sister, Patience, who gave me the kit, doesn't even remember giving it to me.  Was it that long ago?  I didn't end up using those shapes anyway, so you don't get to help me think of what they could be.  Sowwy.

 Okay, FIIINE.  After I published this post the first time, Rebecca was really curious about what that shape was.  I had thrown away the other pieces, but then I found an extra, and took a peektor to show y'all.  Rather queer, don't you think?
I was not very impressed when I received this kit.  However, I was de-cluttering recently, and came across it, and in an effort to put it use, and also because somehow, it looked like a fun thing to do (ha, now that I'm a teenager!), I got out my sharpies and glue and got to work!

Since crosses were going to be involved, I wanted verses on the bookmarks.  For the first one I did (middle), I was sort of planning to do Ephesians 5:1 and 2, but I wasn't disciplined enough in my handwriting, so I didn't have room to do the second verse, which just meant I had to do it on another one.  No big deal!  That one (right) is my favorite, probably mostly because of the pattern in the cross.  I happen to love chevron.  When I was looking for a verse, or verses, to write on the last, I found that passage in Romans, and was hoping to fit all of Romans 5:1-5, but alas, I ran out of room, so I didn't do verse 5.

I also happen to love typography (ooh, can you imagine the two combined?  BEAUTIFUL.  Just saying.).  Howevah, I kind of like the look of a big bunch of my handwriting.  Like, if I ever got into journaling, my pages would be nice to look at.  For me.  Not for others.  That's not allowed.  Just for me.  Except not always.  My handwriting has it's good days, and it's bad days.  Usually it's pretty good.  Sorry, not trying to brag here.  So anyway.  Where I was going with that rant is - I didn't try to do any fancy typography for these.  Instead I simply used my normal handwriting, which is a lot easier, and looks neater probably (as in, the lines are straighter) than typography would, and I usually end up making my letters at the end bigger than at the beginning.  Not cool, Maggie!

So these are what happened!

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