Friday, December 12, 2014

Buttons and Birthdays

This card is so simple/easy, that I feel sort of silly for even doing a blog post on it, but I took the pictures, so why not?
With the thin hot pink, light pink, and light orange, I drew these things that are suppose to be buttons, but don't really look it, at the bottom of a vertical card (fold on top).
Wrap tape around stamp.  This is so that after you ink the stamp and peel off the tape, there won't be any ink in that spot.
This is a dab of ink.  If you have a regular ink pad, you don't need to do it this way.
After inking stamp, peel off the tape.
Press down on paper, making sure to put the area with no ink on the line of buttons.
It should look something like this, except hopefully better, because I don't really like the way this turned out.
With a ruler and pencil, draw an inside border, 1/4 of an inch from the edges.
Then draw it in with the light orange sharpie, and erase he pencil lines.
I very messily wrote this with the light teal sharpie.  It was suppose to look nice-messy, but it only looks messy-messy.

 I apparently didn't think of it when I was making this card, but a much more practical way to not get any ink on the button part would be to put tape on the card, not the stamp.  Then you wouldn't have the problem of the tape being too far down or up, as in this case.

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