Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get Yer Nose (or Shall We Say Fingers?) in a Book!

This card uses book paper!  I've seen so many projects various places that use book, paper, and I love how it looks!  It looks so vintage!

Lay the paper over a sort of sharp thing, and make it look the picture below.  A really dull pencil might work.  It needs to not be very sharp, so it doesn't tear the paper.
This is what it looks like after cutting, and all spread out.
Outline the flower with a thick hot pink sharpie, then lightly go over the bumps with the same.
I was intending to use glue dots for these flowers, but it urns out they don't stick very well to this sort of paper, so I went the old-fashioned way and used a needle and thread!  Which probably looks better than if I hadn't.
A scribbly border.
I guess it's suppose to look something like music notes?
I love this font.  It's another one from Cardmaker's Hand-lettering Workbook.
Here's a secret: I actually didn't use paper from a book.  What I did was copy the pages of a book on our copy machine, but used that type of paper so it looked like the pages of a book.  The only reason I did that instead of use a real book was that I didn't want to take the book apart.


  1. I am glad no books were injured in the making of this project :) I love this!

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  3. I know! Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!


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