Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chevron Hello

I made this card, oh...about a week and a half ago probably, and I finally got the time to post on it!  I always get so excited when I'm using embossing folders!  They are super fun!
This is a tall pile of purple fabric squares!  We are going to make a flower the exact same way we did in Sorry I'm Late, so I won't go into as much detail on the instructions.
Cut out three flower shapes.  This fabric doesn't fray that much, but even if it did, it would probably make it look sort of cool and vintage...or something like that?  So it wouldn't really matter.
Stack them on top of each other so they all look evenly spaced, at least from the top, if not the underside.
For the thread in the center, I simply used some thread that had come out of the very same fabric the flower came from.  For all I care though, you could use a completely different color in the center.  Assuming it matches of course.  If it doesn't match...I would care.  For the center, simply come up and go back down with the needle and thread over and over again.
I decided to back-stitch a circle around the center, so it looks even nicer!
This piece is 3 3/4 by 5 inches, with the corners rounded.  I then went around the inside edge with a thin dark purple sharpie.
Because this is water color paper, it's rougher.
This was my first time using my new chevron embossing folder!  It was duper exciting.
I absolutely love the way the chevron embossing folder looks.  How couldn't I?  It's chevron!
Water colors are really fun if you do it right.  I've had this set for many years.
After completely wetting the paper, gently blot different colors onto the wet surface.  You must do all that in a timely manner, so as not to let it dry before getting on all the colors you want.  Remember that the colors will be lighter after they've dried.
I may have messed with the colors a little too much, or maybe it's just that I shouldn't have used blue.  If you're not careful with water colors, it could get muddied.
Notice how the color sinks into the grooves.
Cut out a 1 1/2 by 2 inch piece of white cardstock.  We will be making a tag shape by cutting out a "V" from one end.  I used an envelope to trace around.
For the vellum piece, I just held it in place over the cardstock, marked a small border (about 1/8 inch), and then cut out.  The flat ends (opposite of the "V") should be lined up together, though.
Use a straight piece of scrap paper to draw dots down each side of the cardstock tag piece.  They will show through the vellum in the final product.
Write something short and sweet on the vellum piece.
Since vellum is translucent, glue on the underside might show through, so I chose to back-stitch.  I think it's fitting, since there will be a fabric flower in the opposite corner.
Position the tag in the bottom right corner with regular liquid glue.
...And position the flower in the upper left corner with a glue dot.

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