Monday, May 18, 2015

Glitter Flowers II

If you read my last post, you might recognize the glitter paper in this card.  I used left-overs again!  (I'm always so proud when I do that.)  Hence the title of this post.
First, I went around the edges with my hot pink sharpie.  As always with things like this, I didn't measure.  That would just be unnecessary work.  Easy work, but it's still work!  Okay, well, I honestly can't classify that as work...but I digress.
I was suppose to write "thank you," but somehow my hand got away from my brain for a moment, and before I knew it, I had put an S on the end of "thank"!  So I had to add something else on.  Otherwise it wouldn't look right all the way up there in the corner all by itself.
I have a little cylinder of buttons in one of my boxen (teehee; only some of y'all will get that) under my bed.  Many of those buttons are these white pearly buttons, which I used here.
*Awed little kid voice*  Ooooh, pretty.
String the string through the holes of the button and tie a nice perty bow.
When you get the placement of the flowers as you like it, stretch a piece of string from the bottom of the card to the bottom of one of the flowers and cut.
Lay down a thin line of glue where the string will go.

These are for leaves.  They're about an inch long.
To do the leaves, put a small dot of glue on one side of the bottom of one stem, and then bend a leaf string in half and stick on, and repeat for other side.  You may have to twist the string a bit so that it doesn't fray.
This card was super easy to make, especially since I already had pieces to work with.  I'm hoping to do a post or series of posts soon about using scraps!  It will be a learning experience for me, if no one else, as I rarely use scraps.

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