Friday, July 10, 2015

You Make Me Happy

I wasn't planning to take pictures in the beginning (which is why I don't have pictures of the beginning), but I just couldn't resist doing a post on this card with that title!  I wish I could send this to so many people.
I use that embossing folder more than any other.  It's so versatile.  The paper is 3 3/4 by 5 inches.
THIS makes me happy!  "You" and "happy" were die cut, and I hand drew and cut "MAKE" and "ME."  I especially love that "MAKE"!
With a thick purple sharpie, color in all of the word pieces.
With a coordinating color, trace a triangle, as shown, in the corner.
Then fill in as desired.  I desired to do a cross-hatch pattern.  You don't need to fill in the middle part, because that will be covered up.  Not that it's much more work to do it.  For serious!
Position embossed piece on card.
Swoon with me!  No, this is not a swooney sort of card.  Squeal with me!


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