Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Camouflage Truck

In my last post, You Make Me Happy, I hand drew and cut the word "make" in the shape of a heart.  A friend gave me the idea afterwards to do the same thing with other shapes (specifically more manly shapes, like guns and trucks), so I decided to give it a go!  (Making these is quite fun.  It's not like I had to be begged.)
Day before yesterday, my fathah and little broham left for camp, and I completely forgot until yesterday morning (when I saw a letter from my sister to my little broham) that we're suppose to write them letters!  So really quickly I whipped up a couple of letters, and then, since the theme this year is camouflage, I thought it would be fun to add in a sticker with the word "camouflage" in the shape of a truck!  Welp, it all went swimmingly until I tried to run it through the sticker maker.  This was the first sticker I'd tried with that cartridge, and I must have messed it up somehow.  I'm telling you, I about died of frustration.  I ended up not even putting it in the letter at all, because I'm still set on making it a sticker, and I had to get it in the mail in a very speedy manner!  It might be a while until I touch that thing (sticker maker).  I have to let myself cool down, you know, so I don't chomp it into little pieces in my rage.  That wouldn't be good....
I'll give it to him someday.
 So ANYWAYS, I roughly drew a simple truck shape, and then roughly filled in the letters, and tweaked them until I thought they looked good.  Each letter has to touch the letters on either side of it so the word will all be one piece when cut out.
 Then I cut the whole thing out!  I love this part.  After that I had to erase the pencil lines, which wasn't hard, but I did have to make sure I was gentle so the paper didn't get bent.

Then came the camouflaging!  I used five different sharpies, being: brown, tan (more like light brown), green, black, and gray.

Let me know what y'all think!  In other words, comment!  I love feedback!  What other shapes/words could I do?


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