Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Make a Springy Watercolor Card

Do y'all remember when I guest posted for Jennie at Little Girl Designs?  Welp, I hope you enjoyed it, because I get to re-share that post with you today!

That was back in the Spring time, so this card was fitting.  Now, we're approaching Fall already (don't know whether to cry or jump for joy), and this card doesn't really match the season, but it's okay.  Someone could use a Spring card any time of year!
White cardstock
Molotow art masking liquid pump marker (what I have) or liquid frisket
Watercolor paper
Tissue paper
Sticker maker (if you have one)
Extra-fine light pink marker (I prefer sharpies)
Liquid glue (I specify liquid, because that's what I use and prefer, but really you could use whatever type of glue you want that actually works; I don't think glue sticks work well)

If I was making this card in the most efficient manner, I would do the masking liquid part first, so that it could dry while I cut out circles, but that's not actually the order I did it in, so I won't organize this tutorial in that way.

The first thing I did was cut out three circles from white cardstock.  The circles should be of varying sizes.  They need not be exactly the size of mine, but to give you an idea of how big each should be, my biggest circle has about a 2-3/4 inch diameter, the middle about a 1-3/4 inch diameter, and the smallest a 1-1/8 diameter.
That being said, I think it might look a little better if the biggest circle was a bit smaller, and it probably wouldn't hurt if the middle circle was a little smaller too.  To get the circle shapes, I traced around various circular objects I found in my room, which you could do, or you could use a compass.  Either would work.

I set the circles aside, and got out my trusty art masking liquid.  Liquid frisket was on my Christmas list, but instead I got this stuff, which seems to work just fine!
Before drawing with the pump marker onto watercolor paper, we need to cut out the watercolor paper first, of course!  I cut mine to 2 inches by 4-1/2 inches.  I think it actually would look a little better if it was slightly smaller, but it works fine.
After that's cut to size, we can start on the fun stuff!  The first time I made this card (nope, this isn't the first time), I wrote the words, "HEY, YOU," in the same font as I did here.  In other words, all caps, and with the scallop border too.  Wait for that to dry before heading onto watercoloring.
This is one of my favorite parts because it's fun, easy, and beeyoooootiful.  For the watercoloring, I usually, without wetting the paper first, start with pink (not sure why - you certainly don't have to!), dab it in the top left corner and then dab on the orange, and then light orange, and just go back and forth between those three, until it's all covered!

My art teacher has talked about this thing that happens with watercolors, called a blossom.  It just means that when you paint an area and it dries and then you go back and continue painting, it will be obvious where you left off, because there will be a sort of mark.  A lot of times when painting a picture, blossoms are bad, but with things like this, I think blossoms are a good thing, and I love the way they look!

After that's all dry, you can rub off the masking liquid to reveal the white of the paper!  Because of this, feel free to go kind of dark with the watercolors so when you rub off the stuff, there will be an obvious difference.
Note: When I used this masking liquid for the first time, I thought you were suppose to peel it off when it was dry (because that's what the directions say to do), so I got quite frustrated when it wasn't working.  After a while I just started rubbing it out of frustration, and was overjoyed to find it came off!  So if you get this stuff for the first time and it doesn't work to peel, then rub.
I have a mesh drawer under my desk full of tissue paper that I've collected over the years.  I don't use it that often, but it certainly comes in handy!  To stay with the color scheme of pink and orange, I used orange, light pink, and hot pink.  These will be used to cover the circles we cut out earlier.  Hot pink for the biggest, light pink for the middle, and orange for the smallest.
Cut out a square from each color, that is each a little bigger than the circle it will cover.  Carefully insert each square of tissue paper into your sticker maker and roll until they emerge out the other side!  Individually peel each piece from the backing, and stick the circle on.  I like to leave part of the tissue paper still on the backing while I stick on the circle, because it curls up really easily, and is difficult to uncurl because of the stickiness.

Note: Of course it is not hard or time consuming to erase the pencil lines around the circles, but if you want to eliminate that step, be sure to lay the circle down on the tissue paper with the marked side facing you, not the tissue paper, so it doesn't show through.  Especially do that if you used a pen!
Once the circle is safely on the tissue paper, pull the leftover down on the back.  I like to do it in a nice orderly fashion, but who cares - no one's going to see it!
If you don't have a sticker maker, perhaps you could squirt some liquid glue on your finger (or the circles) and rub it all over the circles and then stick on the tissue paper squares.
I had my blank card set aside this whole time.  Once all the previous steps are done, you can go around the edge of the card with a light pink marker and roughly draw a border with scallops.  Don't try to make it perfect.  In fact, try not to make it perfect!
I always like to put together all the parts of my card before gluing everything in place, so I know exactly what it'll look like, and can do any last minute touches.
When you have your circles in place as shown above, you can go around them with the scallop border like you did around the edge of the card.
Now adhere the circles in place, and put the sentiment over top!  If you do have a sticker maker, you could use that again here for the circles and sentiment, and it would make everything even more secure than liquid glue would.  I didn't because I don't like to use up my sticker maker cartridge if liquid glue works fine.
And it's done!  Since this is such a Spring-y card, I love the way it looks with the pretty flowers in the background.  :)  Now go make one of your own, and knock your pen-pal's socks off!
Heheh, this was one of the first pictures I took of this card.  Isn't it fab?

Have you ever used liquid frisket or this Molotow stuff I have?


  1. Woah I love these, I'd totally try making one at some point!

    Little Moon Elephant

  2. This was so cute! I would totally make it if I weren't lazy…lol!

    1. Ooh, thank you, Catie! It's really not that hard - you should try it!

  3. EEEEP this card is so pretty! :D


  4. This is so beautiful!! I have be exploring your blog, going thru the posts and can I just say that all of your work is so inspiring and lovely? wonderful job!

    Randy Abby
    WAKE ME UP Blog

    1. Ahg, thank you! I'm so honored! God gave me a gift, and I will use to the best of my ability! Thanks for stopping by!


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