Friday, July 29, 2016

Make a "Things I Love About Coffee" Card

Long ago*, on a Google+ post, I was once told, "you need to make that into a card ASAP."*  Referring to:
*October 1, 2015
**Yes, I actually went and found that particular post on Google+ where that was said to me, so that I could type the words verbatim.  Which is why I also know the exact date of the transaction.

To which I replied that I would think about it, even though I don't drink coffee.  And so I did!  For nine months, I thought about it, until I finally made it a few weeks ago!

Of course, I didn't make it exactly like the original work, because, well, I don't know how?  Or I can't let myself make something the same as another has already made it?  What can I say?  I'm an artist.  I like to "make it my own," as people say.

Supplies for My Card
White cardstock card, roughly 7 inches tall by 4-1/4 inches wide
Slightly smaller piece of white cardstock
Lined paper (to copy)
Extra fine black Sharpie
Three mugs stamp (any mug stamp would work, or simply draw a mug, as in the original)
Black stamp ink
Brown stamp ink
Doily (can't get away from 'em!)
Silver eyelets
Now, all that looks like an awful lot of supplies.  I make things complicated like that.  But you can see from the original, that it really is not that complicated.  So, if you want, here are the supplies for the original card.

Supplies to Make the Original Card (Which Happens to Be Much Easier)
White cardstock card, same size as mine
Lined paper (to copy)
Extra fine black Sharpie

Wow.  So much shorter, amiright?  But I'm here to tell you how I made the card, not how to easily and quickly make it, like the original!  (Two totally different matters, you see.)  So let's get on wit' it.

You see the lined paper in the above picture?  I wanted to have lined paper in the card, because that's what the original had, so I copied a piece of lined paper onto a piece of cardstock, and made sure it printed in black and white.

But, alas, I was not satisfied.  For some reason...I didn't like that it was so...straight!  (Strange, for the OCD-ish person that I am.)  So, I re-copied it, but this time, I crookedinized (totally a word) the lined paper in the machine, so it printed out crooked!  (Note: to make it even better, you could crumple it up and then flatten again before copying.  I didn't even think of that when I was making it.)

Then I cut out a piece of the lined cardstock, just a wee bit smaller than the card base.  At the top, I wrote, "THINGS I LOVE ABOUT COFFEE."
This is the scribbled list of things to love about coffee, that I copied from the original.
Using the list, I wrote each point on the card, along with, "THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU" down at the bottom!
I didn't care if I messed up, since it was supposed to look all hand-written and stuff.
Here's the mug stamp and the black ink I used.
I inked it only partway, because that's all I would need at this point.
Then I stamped it down in the open area near the bottom right corner, and also up in the top left corner, after I inked the other side of the stamp.  Make sure to have a piece of scrap paper underneath when stamping off the edge like this.
And then I stamped the heart stamp in black in the top right corner, left middle-ish, and bottom right-ish.  I also re-stamped the hearts in brown, over top the black hearts.
That's when I realized that I missed the "coffee" in the second point.  I freaked out a little in my brain at first, but then I remembered:  It is okay.  And I just added it back in with an arrow!
Now it's time to use another doily!  To make this doily brown, I just rubbed it all over with my brown ink pad.  Usually it annoys me that it's such a light brown, but it worked spiffily for this!

Line it up along the top right edge, and with the edge of your scissors, score a line along the edge of the paper.  That's where you'll cut it.
Do the same for the bottom left corner.
Now all we need to finish up this card is a few eyelets!  I used eight silver eyelets in all.
Punch the holes, insert the eyelets, glue the panel onto the card base, and you're done!
I thought it looked a little busy, and still think that, but again, I'm deciding not to worry about it.  Can you think of any other points that could go on this card?
Wouldn't this be adorable to send to a coffee lover?  Do YOU like coffee?  How do you like to drink it?

P.S.!  Ooh, I am sooo so so excited about this!  Jennie Moraitis' PAPERBACK book, The Creative Retreat, is out, and I was SO excited to find it waiting for me in its pretty pink package when I got home from camp!  And do you know what's exciting about it?!  (Many things, but one of them is this.)  I'm IN it!  I am so honored to know Jennie enough  that she would ask me to be a contributor to her book.  Learn more about the book HERE!


  1. I like the concept and style of that card, and everything you included. :) I don't drink coffee, so I'm trying to think of a different subject that could also be written up like that... maybe books or music?

    Also, that's so exciting that you've contributed to a book!! I'll have to check it out. :)

    1. Ooh, what a good idea! I hadn't even thought of applying this to something other than a warm drink!

      Ooh, I know! I'm super excited about it! Yippee!

  2. Oh this is so cute! I know who I am sharing this post with...

  3. That's adorable! (Even though I don't even drink coffee, lol!) I love Jessica's idea of applying the concept to different things. ;)

    1. Thanks Emily! Haha, I don't either. :P And oh yes, I know! That was such a good idea that Jessica came up with!

  4. I totally love this post. I mean, what a clever card.


    1. Aw, thanks Tane! I know, right? Almost wish I had come up with it!

  5. THAT IS SO CLEVER. Like I love the idea a lot! I know that some of my coffee-addict friends would love it lol :) I've never gotten into coffee. AND I DON'T WANT TO GET ADDICTED TO IT FOR SURE. But I do love it in other things so yeah I guess I do like coffee but I don't like coffee and that makes no sense. ^_^

    awesome idea!

    1. Ack, thanks Autumn! I know, what a fun idea, right? Yeah, I definitely don't want to get addicted to it either! Haha, and what you said about liking it but not liking it? Makes total sense. :)


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